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Why buy your bike RBC vs a big box store?

Its simple!

Quality - Our bicycles and their components are built with high quality, durable materials.  Our bicycles are built to last through many kids and many seasons.

Safety - Our bicycles are built by experienced, professional bicycle mechanics...bearings are properly adjusted, bolts are torqued to specifications, Enjoy this peace of mind when you and your children ride their bikes.  

Economics - A quality bicycle made with quality parts will save you money in the long run on service and parts. 

We stand behind our product: A bike from Ridgefield Bicycle Co. comes with free adjustments.

Let's not forget all the gas and time you saved by staying in town!

Trust - All of our bicycles are delivered assembled, tuned and safely ready to ride.  Every bike is again throughly checked over before delivery out the door to you.

Community - RBCo gives back. We support through donations & service all the Ridgefield schools, sports & arts programs and charity events.

Not only do you support a vibrant Ridgefield, you become a part of the RBCo. family.

Come in to Ridgefield Bicycle Company so we can show you the difference!