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1. How do I join the club?  

All due paying applicants are welcome into the club.  Here are your steps to becoming a member:

Step 1: Come ride with us!  We encourage all prospective members to try a group ride appropriate for their level of experience and fitness.  See the calendar and ride descriptions and find what fits best.

Step 2: Fill out and submit an online membership form.  Please follow link at end of form to submit your $40 annual dues via PayPal.

2. What are club dues?

$40 annual.  Members may join anytime.  Dues are not pro-rated.  Memberships are due each January of the new year.

3. How do I get a club jersey?

All club members are eligible and encouraged to purchase and wear our club kit.  Please contact the Ridgefield Bicycle Company for sizing, pricing, and make your purchase.

4. When does the club ride, and can I just show up?

The club sanctions several rides a week at various levels and of different disciplines.  Whether you’re into mountain biking, road racing, or easy cruising, you’re sure to find something other members are into.  See the calendar of rides and ride descriptions and find what fits your life best.  Non-members are encouraged to try a ride or two before joining.  Yes, just show up!


5. What if I have more questions?

See Contact Us