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***All Bike Fitting Service is suspended until further notice.***

  A comprehensive Road Bike Fitting $225 (add $50 for aero bars)

  • 60-90 minutes with an RBCo fitter (your bike - in trainer)
  • Rider interview
  • Flexibility assessment
  • Seat height
  • Saddle fit
  • Stack and reach assessment
  • Cleat alignment and shoe fit

A comprehensive Triathlon Bike Fitting $450

  • 90-120 minutes with RBCo fitter
  • Fitting done by F.I.S.T. trained fitter
  • Focused on aerodynamics, power, and pedaling efficiency within riders limits

Fit Services

  • Shoe & Cleat $75
  • Saddle Fit $50
  • Retul Size Cycle FIT First Bike Sizing $150

**"new bike fit" included with every road bike purchase.

  • seat height
  • stack and reach